Your home's roof may be its first line of defense against inclement weather, but even the most sophisticated roofing design can only protect you from rain if it has a proper system of gutters installed to channel the rainwater. As such, any homeowner should ensure that their gutters are both durable and well-made. Having a set of custom metal gutters manufactured specifically for your home by a sheet metal fabrication service is one of the best ways to ensure your gutters are fit for purpose.

However, if you choose this option, you will have to decide which sheet metal is best for your guttering needs. Aluminium is one of the best choices and has a number of advantages over other commonly-used sheet metal choices, such as galvanised steel and copper:


Aluminium is entirely rust-proof, owing to the layer of protective aluminium oxide that appears on its surface when exposed to air. As you can imagine, this makes it an ideal metal for making gutters, which tend to see a little moisture from time to time. A set of aluminium gutters will never have to be repaired or replaced due to moisture-caused corrosion, and they do not require protective coatings to prevent rust from occurring, unlike steel gutters.


Aluminium may not have the raw strength of steel, but aluminium gutters are far more durable than gutters made of copper, clay or plastics, and they can shrug off damage from severe weather as well as the occasional heavy impact from falling tree branches and other large objects. If your aluminium gutters do become damaged in the line of duty, they tend to dent rather than crack or chip and can usually be repaired with nothing more complicated than a few judicious knocks with a hammer.


Despite aluminium's durability, it is surprisingly light, especially compared with other metal choices. This makes aluminium gutters relatively easy to fit, especially on multi-storey homes, and can dramatically reduce the amount of time, effort and hired help you require to fit your new gutters.

Variety of styles available

Aluminium is a forgiving metal that can be crafted into a wide variety of shapes and styles by a reputable fabrication outfit. This versatility allows you to create a set of gutters that match your home's overall aesthetic. If you wish, your aluminium gutters can also be coated with metal paints or powder coatings, which give you a wide variety of colourations to choose from while also adding an extra layer of physical protection.

Seamless options

Some metal fabrication companies are capable of creating so-called 'seamless' aluminium gutters. These unique gutters are made from a single, contiguous piece of sheet aluminium, and only have welded or riveted seams at bends, angles and junctions. The lack of seams means leaves and solid detritus is far less likely to become snagged while it passes through your gutters, helping to prevent clogging.