The most modern and sophisticated dairy farm in the world would go belly-up inside a week if it didn't have ample cold storage facilities for its milk, cheese and other dairy products; however, finding practical, affordable solutions for keeping large amounts of dairy product properly refrigerated can be challenging, especially in an industry where the profit margins are often wafer thin.

Consequently, many dairy farmers are supplementing their traditional refrigeration facilities, such as cold rooms and industrial cooling tanks, with refrigerated shipping containers (commonly referred to as 'reefer' containers). These robust and versatile containers can be enormously useful for dairy farmers, and hiring and purchasing one for your farm can have a wide variety of benefits:


Purchasing a shipping container is considerably less expensive than constructing and installing a full-scale industrial refrigeration system, even when the costs of transporting it to your farm are taken into account. Hiring reefer containers on an as-needed basis (for example, to handle unexpected overstock) can be even more economical. Contact a shipping container hire company for exact prices.

Easy to install

Unlike traditional dairy refrigeration facilities, which must be carefully installed and often inhabit their own dedicated buildings, a reefer container can simply be transported to your farm and placed on any piece of ground that is firm and level enough to handle its weight and is close enough to a suitable power supply. After you have paid for the container itself and the cost of transporting it to your farm, installation costs are minimal.

Easy to relocate

If you need to change the location of your refrigerated container, it can be carried and transported safely with relatively modest lifting equipment or a standard flatbed truck. Some smaller varieties of container can even be safely transported via forklift. This is particularly useful for larger farms with multiple milking facilities, allowing you to swiftly move supplementary cold storage to where it is needed most.

Different sizes available

Most refrigerated containers have the same dimensions as standardised shipping containers, but larger and smaller varieties are also widely available. This allows you to choose a container that meets the capacity needs of your farm without wasting energy refrigerating empty space.


Despite their relatively low prices, refrigerated shipping containers have enormous internal capacities, and even downsized 'shortie' containers are capable of effectively refrigerating large amounts of dairy product.

Adjustable temperatures

The temperature at which a reefer container stores your products can be fine-tuned using simple controls, allowing a single container to store a wide variety of different dairy products at their optimum temperatures. This is particularly useful for diversified farms that handle cheese, yoghurt and other dairy byproducts alongside standard milk production.