What do you do when you need to work at height? Do you hire scaffolding? Do you go in search of a long ladder? Have you considered arranging boom lift hire? There are lots of ways of accessing those high up hard to reach spots but not many of them will work in every situation, and some present serious safety problems for workmen.

Why not use a ladder?

When you are conducting maintenance and need to reach somewhere high up then a ladder may be the first option you consider. A ladder is easily portable and usually presents a quick way to get up high. The difficulties with using a ladder generally start when you actually try to start work. You must try to climb the ladder carrying all of your tools, then you need to work with one hand while using the other hand to grip the ladder. The situation gets worse if you discover you need to move you working area along a little. You must descend the ladder, move the ladder along and then struggle back up the ladder before you can start work again.

Why not use scaffolding?

If a ladder is considered unsafe or impractical then perhaps scaffolding presents a better choice. Scaffolding offers a larger space to store work tools and a wider working area which means you will need to move the scaffolding less. In many ways scaffolding is a better option, but it is not without it's own problems. One of the most significant issues with scaffolding is the amount of time it takes to erect and disassemble the scaffolding. How much of your day can you afford to waste getting ready to work, and taking down the scaffolding at the end of the day? Scaffolding can also be a problem if you are working in an area to which other people still need access. You cannot afford to block doors, or place the scaffolding in a way that restricts access for other building users.

Boom lifts are a better solution

For most situations the best solution for working at height is to arrange boom lift hire. Boom lifts can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are ideal for safely working at heights. They enable you to reach the correct height without the need to spend ages erecting a tower. They provide a stable, roomy platform from which you can work. If you need to move along to the next working area you can do so in seconds rather than the minutes or hours it might take with an alternative solution. Talk to your supplier about arranging boom lift hire.