Due to the arid and semi-arid conditions and adverse temperature in Australia, getting a water collection tank installed in your home to a great way in ensuring that you have enough water to use throughout the year.

Water collection tanks come in a wide range of sizes, types and colors, all designed to meet your domestic and industrial needs. Poly tanks and steel tanks are some of the widely used water collection tanks.

Poly water collection tanks are made from polyethylene. They are not only durable and highly resistant but are also cheap to acquire and maintain, thus, making them one of the most widely used water collection tanks. Steel tanks are resistant to rust, durable and are affordable depending on the quality.


Rain is an important source of water. However, we often take it for granted and end up letting it all go to waste. We can take advantage of it and make the best out of this important natural resource by collecting it and storing it for future use. Water collection tanks are best suited for this task. Collected rainwater has a wide variety of uses, ranging from providing water for irrigation and watering your lawn to providing water for cleaning your home and washing your clothes.


Water collection tanks can be easily connected to a water source such as a borehole, tap or rain water gutters. The water collected can be used for a myriad of domestic uses such as irrigating a garden during the dry season or even providing water for your shower, among other needs.


Finding ways to reduce your spending allows you to get the most out of your cash. Due to the numerous domestic activities that we undertake, an exorbitant water bill can be stressful and difficult to handle sometimes. Storing water in your water collection tank drastically reduces how much you spend on your water bill, which can always be useful. The water stored in your water collection tank can be used to supplement your main water source, thus reducing how much you'll spend on your water bill.


Preparing for the future is an important and useful trait that ensures you are cushioned against any eventualities that may arise. A water collection tank guarantees you and your family a stable water supply even during the dry season.