People that need to work at height will need to choose work equipment from the wide range of aerial work platforms available for hire these days. An aerial work platform, also known as an elevating work platform, refers to any piece of equipment specifically designed and built to provide the user safe access to an inaccessible job, typically at height. 

One type of equipment that is commonly used to provide workers access to an elevated work area is a scissor lift. Scissor lifts can raise and lower an aerial work platform via the use a scissor-like mechanism. When used as per the manufacturer's instructions, these pieces of equipment provide a safe means of reaching areas high up. But that is not the only reason why the use of scissor lifts is widespread across various industries. 

If you are looking to hire access equipment for an upcoming work at height, read on to find out some other essential benefits of choosing scissor lifts. 


Scissor lifts are portable, meaning they can be easily moved around the work site when need arises. Some of these pieces of equipment even have wheels so they can be easily moved on hard ground. This eliminates the need to dismantle and reassemble the equipment when it needs to be used somewhere else at the work station. This helps to save on both labour hours and costs.

Operating mechanisms 

Scissor lifts are similar in that they all operate via the use of a scissor-like mechanism. However, that doesn't mean all scissor lifts are the same in all aspects. As a matter of fact, scissor lifts can be actuated in different ways, including mechanically, hydraulically and pneumatically. The choice of a suitable working mechanism depends on project-specific requirements. In indoor work areas where the use of fuel-powered scissor lifts may not be suitable, electric or pneumatic scissor lifts can be used instead.


Manufacturers of scissor lifts are aware that their equipment will need to be used on different types of terrains. That is why they offer different equipment designs to help conquer the unique challenges that each terrain presents. Generally speaking, scissor lifts come as standard, rough-terrain and all-terrain access equipment so that users can choose a machine that is suited for the kind of terrain they will be working on.

For more information on scissor lift hire, get in touch with a company that rents them out, such as Instant Scaffolding WA.