The cost of purchasing an industrial air compressor is considerably high. Therefore, if your business has invested in the equipment, you must ensure that the unit is protected from harm and maintained correctly to prevent premature failure. It is crucial or your and your operators to read the provided manual before installing and operating the equipment. The document will provide essential tips and warnings for the pneumatic system. In addition, you should consider using the tips below to ensure better performance and durability.

Perform Regular Inspections

You should conduct thorough inspections of your industrial air compressor. This practice is crucial because it will allow you to detect negative changes in the system. There are different issues that you should check up on during your assessment. Make sure that the bolts, nuts and other fasteners in the unit have not become loose due to vibrations in your worksite. If they have, you should tighten as necessary. You should also check for debris and dirt build up around the engine tank, heat exchangers and vents. Clean these areas to ensure ideal equipment performance. Additionally, you should ensure that there are no leaks in the compressor structure.

Conduct Control System Checks

Your industrial air compressor has a critical inbuilt control system. This element will ensure safety in your workplace if an extreme situation arises in the operation of the equipment. For example, in some unusual situation, the compressed air system might over heat or the pressure of the engine oil in the equipment can decline suddenly. If the compressor continues operating under such stress, it could fail and even cause harm to the people around the site. Or instance, an overheating unit could cause a fire. The inbuilt control system is essential because it can detect anomalies. It will shut down automatically to prevent malfunctions from escalating. Therefore, you should conduct a check on the system to ensure that the machine is self-protected.

Lubricate the Compressor

You should lubricate your compressed air system as recommended by the manufacturer. The lubricating fluid has multiple applications and benefits in the equipment. This material will help in reducing friction in your air compressor. Consequently, there will be minimal wear and tear in the setup, and you will avoid high repair costs. Lubrication will also increase the efficiency of the compressor, reducing the operational expenses. Additionally, the lubricant will help in reducing the heat caused by the moving compressor components. For the best benefits, you should consult an experienced technician to help you choose the right oil.