The air conditioning system on your car plays a key role in fighting off the scorching heat of the summer. As part of periodic maintenance, the system will need to be occasionally recharged to keep cooling your car interiors efficiently, thus maximising on driver and passenger comfort. Car air conditioning re-gas or recharge involves replacing the refrigerant within the AC system completely. 

When performing car air conditioning re-gas, the auto technicians at your car service centre do not just add new refrigerant to your AC system. They will also conduct a series of checks and tests to ensure your system runs properly, especially on hot days when you need it the most. 

Below are some things that your auto technician will check and test when recharging your auto AC equipment.

Checking and testing for refrigerant leaks.

For the most part, car AC systems require re-gas because of refrigerant leaks. Over time, leaks develop within the system lines and components, thus causing loss of refrigerant. Therefore, your auto technician will check and test your system to detect any leaks that may be causing your AC to blow hot or warm air. If refrigerant is added to the AC system before existing leaks are identified and sealed, then the new refrigerant will still leak from the AC system. 

Checking the operation of thermostats and expansion valves.

The thermostat on your car AC equipment regulates the amount of cool air that comes out of your cooling system. The expansion valves, on the other hand, regulate the pressure of the refrigerant to allow for expansion of the working fluid and its conversion from liquid to vapour. The valves also regulate the flow of refrigerant. For optimal cooling service, your thermostats and expansion valves need to be working properly, so your auto technician will make sure to have them inspected. 

Sanitising the system.

To keep yourself and your passengers healthy, it is important to sanitise your car AC system. In this regard, your car technician will replace your dirty AC filter, which can allow dust and other harmful airborne particulates to circulate in your car interiors. They will also wipe off dirt from other AC components.

To ensure your car AC system recharge is successfully performed, you should seek the services of a certified auto technician. This will cost you money, but you won't regret making the decision to let a professional replace your AC refrigerant so you can enjoy normal AC operation.