The cost of running a central air conditioning system can be quite astronomical, especially during summer months when the system runs throughout the day. When cooling costs are prohibitive, motel users might be forced to endure long hours of discomfort. Ductless or split air conditioners are the best alternatives when you need that cooling effect, but you don't want to shell a colossal sum of money in monthly energy bills. Here are some facts for motel owners regarding a ductless air conditioning system.

Professional Installation

The touted advantages of a commercial ductless air conditioning system can only be achieved with proper sizing and installation. Therefore, it is recommended that when you buy such appliances consult an HVAC expert for installation. Furthermore, you might void the warranty of an AC unit if you decide to undertake installation as a DIY project. An expert will make sure that all delicate electronic components are configured appropriately. Furthermore, they will adhere to the right specifications of a ductless system that can meet the cooling needs of your motel. Also, ductless systems contain refrigerants that must be handled with care lest they pollute the environment. Even though the cost of installing a ductless system using a contractor might seem steep, money spent will be worth it because you get an energy-efficient system.

Minimal Ductwork

A Mini-split system has an indoor air-conditioning unit and the condenser or compressor that is often installed outdoors. The two components are linked by a conduit that encompasses a condensate drain, refrigerant tubing, power cable, and a suction tube. The outdoor condenser sucks cool air and pumps it into the indoor unit, which means that you do not need to run expensive ducts through walls or the ceilings.

Reduced Allergens

The problem that plagues most central ACs is that over time, dirt, debris, mould and mildew can accumulate in the ducts. For people staying in a motel or those suffering from allergies, such a cooling system can exacerbate the situation. The air ducts must be cleaned regularly to rid the system of potential allergens. Conversely, with a ductless system, motel owners don't have to worry about the buildup of allergens. Therefore, apart from interior comfort, the health of motel users is also guaranteed with a mini-split unit.


When buying a ductless unit, always consider the number of room or zones you intend to cool. With every additional room, the cost of a ductless system rises significantly. A single-zone air conditioner is meant to cool just one room. Other variants include a dual, triple, and quad-zone ductless AC system. Separating room into zones can help reduce energy wastage since you can customise temperatures accordingly.

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