Portable toilets are not just for construction work alone; there are many other instances for which a porta-potty can be ideal, such as when hosting an event with more people than the resident facilities can handle. Adequate and clean restrooms are critical to the success of your event or project, even if they aren't directly related to it. Whether hiring a portable toilet for short-term or long-term use, the following are pitfalls to avoid to ensure smooth sailing for your guests or employees.

1. Not getting enough toilets 

The most common mistake when getting portable toilets is not ordering enough toilets, which can be a bigger problem if you're hiring for long-term use. This guide offers useful information for budgeting toilets depending on the number, gender and age of the users (e.g., children need more toilets than adults, women need more toilets than men).

While not specific to portable toilets, you can apply it to decide the right number of toilets you need to get. When in doubt, get more toilets than you think you need. Consider the following special circumstances:

  1. Length of the usage – Your supplier should give you a rough estimate of usage duration for proper planning. If you need the toilet for several days, be sure to organize for sewage collection to enable smooth sailing.

  2. Alcohol – If serving alcoholic beverages or hosting a cocktail party, consider that guests will use the bathroom more often.

  3. High adrenaline – If hosting competitive events, consider that competitive stress can make participants go to the restrooms more often.

  4. Weather – Colder days warrant more trips to the bathroom.

2. Not choosing the best location

Choosing an appropriate location is important—it must be accessible, consider the privacy of users and not interfere with other on-goings (toilets do not exactly smell like roses, you know). Consider the layout of the space in which the toilets will be placed. Ensure that the placement is easily navigable from most areas of the space. In addition, if you have people restricted to certain areas, you should have a toilet near them.

The beauty of porta-potties is that they don't have to sit all together. Do not place them near food booths or meeting areas. Consider the direction of the wind so the smell isn't carried where you don't want it. Finally, ensure that the toilet is sitting on flat ground; if the area is sloppy, make arrangements to create flatness by filling the remaining space.

Contact a portable toilet hire company for more information.