Did you know that you can install a car elevator in your residential property without causing the energy consumption to go up significantly? Read on and discover some of the modern features of car lifts that make those devices eco-friendly.

Clean Drive Technologies

Gone are the days when the drive systems of car lifts used to guzzle energy. Today, many car lifts come with regenerative drives that may even put electrical power back into the grid. This is possible because the drives are equipped with motors that generate electricity when the car lift is travelling back to the lower levels of the building without a load. The momentum of the car moves the motors and the resultant electricity can be used when the lift is taking vehicles to the parking sections. Select a car lift with this technology so that you don't spend as much on energy as those who own car lifts without this regenerative capacity.

LED Lighting

LED lights provide another avenue through which you can conserve energy as you use the car elevator in your building. These lights consume less energy and last much longer than the ordinary lights used in older models of car lifts. LEDs also provide more light since less energy isn't lost as heat when compared to ordinary lights. Their longer service life means that you will also spend less on maintenance since they won't need to be replaced as often as the ordinary lights.

Efficient Traction Media

The newer models of car lifts also come with traction control systems that are optimised to provide the highest level of energy savings. For example, the traction system is compact. This compactness reduces the amount of lubrication that is needed to keep the system functioning. It is even possible to find models that don't need any lubrication. The compact design also reduces the amount of energy that is required to move the components along their travel path.

Novel Structural Materials

Car lifts are also taking advantage of new materials that have been designed to provide superior performance without being heavy. For example, carbon-fibre may be used instead of a steel frame for the car lift's frame. This new material reduces the total weight of the car lift and requires less energy to move from the ground to the designated parking area of the building.

Explore the different ways that have been used by car lift manufacturers to reduce the carbon footprint of those lifts. You will then be able to make an informed decision when you finally select the best supplier.