Commercial ducted systems are specifically designed for commercial spaces such as buildings, retail establishments, restaurants, offices and healthcare facilities. These systems need to be reliable in their operation, convenient, and effective at channeling cool air into multiple rooms. By using a ducted system, they can deliver equal amounts of cool air through an established series of ducts and vents in an energy efficient manner.

There are many different types of equipment used to cool commercial premises. This article will explore some of those systems, including their installation.

Packaged cool air ducted systems

To make ducted air conditioning systems easier to install in a commercial building, air conditioning companies offer packaged systems that contain an all-in-one framework. The ducted system comes with an outdoor unit, compressor, fan, programmable thermostat, and condenser. The packaged system is designed to work together in an energy efficient manner and to cool multiple spaces simultaneously.

These packaged systems range in capacity from 7-66 HP. The compressors of packaged units have a quiet, yet efficient operation that ensures the durability of the entire unit. Packaged systems also come with remote control capability to add flexibility in the manner that they operate.

Packaged roof systems

As opposed to outdoor systems, ducted air conditioners also come in roof top package designs. These systems contain an outdoor unit that is installed on the roofs of commercial premises. Warm air from the building rises and is channeled through the compressor of these roof top units. It is then passed over a refrigerant fluid (most commonly used is R-410A refrigerant) where it is cooled and channeled back into the building via a series of ducts.

Packaged roof systems are easy to maintain and range in capacity from 8-40 HP. They also come with multiple controls that can automatically restart the system after a power outage or when any components become faulty.

Suspended ceiling systems

Ducted systems can channel air through ducts in walls, floors or ceilings. Suspended ceiling systems are primarily used to channel air through ceilings. They allow for a high velocity operation through a series of fans and compressors placed on the ceilings of various rooms across the premises.

Suspended ceiling systems are more effective than many other ducted equipment because they offer high velocity and can move larger amounts of air in a shorter period. They also come with a highly effective compressor that can chill air with greater efficiency.