A hydraulic cylinder is an actuator made of metal that is used to apply unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. A hydraulic cylinder can be used in many areas. These areas include:

  • Manufacturing equipment.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Construction equipment especially in engineering vehicles.

Hydraulic cylinder repair is a key service that is in existence to ensure that when a hydraulic cylinder in any piece of equipment may be damaged or faulty, it can be repaired so that work can go on smoothly using that piece of equipment. The companies which specialise in hydraulic cylinder repair are experts in the field guaranteeing you the best outcome possible when seeking hydraulic cylinder services. The companies which offer hydraulic cylinder services also offer other services such as idle repair, body fitment and even servicing of lifting equipment.

Hydraulic cylinder services

The most common hydraulic cylinder services offered include:

  • The manufacture or overhaul of the whole cylinder.
  • Re-barrels and re-rods.
  • Re-brushing.
  • Sourcing of seals or resealing of hydraulic cylinders.
  • Eye modifications or repairs.
  • Overlaying of bronze.
  • Re-chroming.
  • Repairs of glands.
  • Linishing.
  • Gun drilling.
  • Re-manufacturing of parts.
  • Testing facilities which are in-house.

Hydraulic cylinder leaking

The different types of hydraulic cylinders that exist goes to show how much they are critical in various applications. You should ensure that you buy or choose the most appropriate hydraulic cylinder that best suits your needs. If it is not good for the applications you need it may not serve you appropriately. The wrong hydraulic cylinder will cost you a lot of time and money to replace. It may also compromise the whole hydraulic system of a piece of machinery. Hydraulic cylinder leaking can also compromise the hydraulic system of a piece of machinery. When hydraulic cylinder leaking is suspected it should be inspected to ensure that there is not leaking. If a leak is found, the hydraulic cylinder leaking should be taken for hydraulic cylinder repair so that it is fixed and it can be fit for operation.

Reasons for having hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are built for the following reasons:

  • Operating pressure they have.
  • They environmental conditions in which they shall be exposed to.
  • Their durability levels which are medium, low and high.
  • Their price of cost.

You may also consider the following conditions when sourcing for a hydraulic cylinder.

  • The amount of force required.
  • The speed of operation.
  • Its hoop strength.

It is imperative that hydraulic cylinder repair is done by professionals to ensure that it is fixed appropriately and can soon after be put back into operation.