Bitumen brushes are among the most effective tools for industrial cleaning jobs. The brushes are different from other brush types because they can handle the stickiness which comes from the industrial environment and still stay effective for long periods. However, for your brushes to serve you for a long time, you need to understand proper cleaning, care and maintenance techniques. Here are three maintenance tips which you will find very useful. 

Choose the Right Brushes

The first step in having a positive experience with bitumen brushes is picking the right brush from the supplier. The first quality you should check when buying the brush is how tightly the bristles are packed. The ideal brush should have bristles which are so tightly packed that they stick together and form an effective force to push garbage along. Tightly packaged bristles also leave little to no room for dirt to get inside the broom and create a cleaning nightmare. Tightly packed bristles, therefore, give you the most efficient cleaning results.

The Flexibility of the Bristles

Another quality you need to look into when choosing bristles is their flexibility. Some bitumen brushes have hard and brittle bristles, while others have soft and flexible bristles. It is always advisable to go with slightly flexible bristles because they have enough toughness to handle the task of pushing trash along, but without breaking. Brushes with soft bristles will not be ideal when cleaning sticky floors as they will mesh together and create a mess.

Ease of Cleaning

Even with the best material, design and cleaning techniques, your brushes will eventually get dirty and need cleaning. When choosing brushes, you have to consider how easy they will be to clean. Cleaning bitumen brushes can be a challenge, especially if the sticky bitumen holds the bristles together. Fortunately, there are cleaning agents and chemicals which can break down the chemical bonds on the bitumen, releasing the bristles. However, you have to use reliable and trusted chemical agents for cleaning because some will weaken and even break the bristles, ruining your brushes.

The essential tip to remember in dealing with bitumen brushes is buying from a reliable supplier, which will assure you of excellent quality. Then, make sure that you follow all the right cleaning and maintenance procedures. Finally, the storage of your brushes matters a lot. Store long-handle bitumen brushes in dry surroundings because when they are stored in damp conditions, they will have a higher probability of gathering mould and mildew.