If you're working on an earthmoving project, then you need the right machines in place. As well as diggers or hoes, you might also need to hire a dump truck if you need to move or dump the earth you dig out.

While rigid dump trucks work well on some earthmoving jobs, you might find it more effective to hire an articulated vehicle. What are the benefits of using this kind of dump truck?

Get Better Results on Difficult Ground

Rigid dump trucks don't always perform well on ground that isn't in good condition. They can't always cope with rough terrain or difficult ground environments.

For example, a rigid dump truck might find it hard to manoeuvre on wet, soft or slippery ground. It might have problems coping with slopes and inclines.

This kind of truck has a rigid connection between its cab and dump tray, which makes it less flexible. It often has tyres designed for good ground conditions. It is typically relatively heavy.

If you use an articulated truck, then the cab and the dump tray work independently as two units. They can move in different directions as you drive.

This flexibility of movement helps the vehicle cope with uneven ground and sub-optimal conditions. Your truck should also be lighter and easier to manoeuvre.

Plus, it should have wider and more rugged tyres that are more suited to off-road driving. You shouldn't need to worry about digging out temporary roads or finding a way to get the truck to and from dig sites.

Get a Better Solution For Restricted Sites

A rigid dump truck works well on larger and more open sites. However, it's not necessarily the best option if you're moving earth on a small site or one that has access problems.

Rigid dump trucks tend to be bigger than articulated trucks. If you have low headroom access, then this kind of truck might struggle to get on your site in the first place. It might have limits on where it can go.

These trucks also don't always work well if you are working on a small site with limited space. The truck takes up a lot of room. Even making a simple turn can be tricky — the truck has to move in one piece, so it needs more space to manoeuvre.

Articulated dump trucks are usually a bit smaller than the norm. They can also make tighter turns because their cabs and dump trays move independently of each other. Their increased manoeuvrability makes them a better option on smaller projects or in restricted areas.

To learn more about articulated dump trucks and to get help on choosing one for your site, contact local earthmoving equipment hire companies.